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R&R Newkirk has been providing planned gift promotional publications and training since 1967. The talented team of tax attorneys and support staff provide planned gift officers with legally accurate, up-to-date tax and estate planning articles and publications. Kathy Sperlak has been an integral part of the Newkirk team for more than half that time.

In 1987, Kathy took a position as a legal editor at R&R Newkirk.  Newkirk specialized in thoughtful, well-written and technically accurate publications about planned giving, working with each client to create materials designed for specific audiences on a variety of topics.

Newkirk adapted through the years to keep up with changes in technology by hosting planned giving websites and creating helpful videos on planned giving topics that our clients can share with donors and advisors.

Nonprofit organizations strive to make the world a better place, whether they’re helping those in need, serving a community, supporting a religious group, advocating a common interest, working to make our world safer or enriching our lives. At R&R Newkirk you'll find creative planned gift marketing backed by a service-oriented staff. Our mission says it all:

Serving Those Who Serve Society

Beginning in 2018, Kathy Sperlak of R&R Newkirk, and Jim Ross of Sharpe Group brought together their products, services and employees to create a “Best in Class” series of products, training seminars, consulting services and analytical processes to develop donor communication plans based on each client’s unique donor facts as the basis for educating, stewarding and marketing gift opportunities to specific donor demographic segments.

Most nonprofits have two sets of clients: those who benefit from the organization and those who fund it. Some nonprofits are funded by government grants. Many others, however, require private donations to continue their operations. For these nonprofits, fundraising is just as critical as the services they provide. Without successful fundraising year after year, they wouldn’t be able to continue their work.

Founded in 1963, Sharpe Group has helped to ensure the financial longevity of thousands of America’s educational, healthcare, religious, social service and cultural institutions. In 1967, Sharpe Group began its seminar programs, teaching gift planning professionals how to plan, market, implement and support major gift and planned gift development programs.

Since 1967, thousands have attended our planned giving seminars and webinars.

Sharpe Group provides consulting, donor communication offerings, including print and digital communications, and training to charities and nonprofits throughout the United States. The Sharpe Group’s accumulation of knowledge gained serving clients was registered as the Sharpe KnowledgeBase.

Sharpe and Newkirk have always had a similar philosophy about serving our clients. We work with our clients to create communications materials that are designed to meet each charity’s specific needs regardless of size or complexity.

Operating from locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, Washington DC, and San Francisco, helping charities and nonprofit organizations of all sizes get the most value from their investment in major and planned gift programs is the purpose of Sharpe Newkirk.

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What our clients are saying:

I have been a client of R&R Newkirk for the past ten years primarily because of their customized newsletter service.  They are great to work with in developing a newsletter that is unique to my organization.  In addition to offering relevant content for each issue, they are open to my ideas, reviewing articles that I have written and sending me requested articles on particular topics.  Though the prospect base for my current organization is small compared to my previous organizations, each issue has brought in at least one new gift and additional leads.

Mary Kay Wittrock
Director of Planned Giving
Alley Theatre, Houston Texas