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We offer a variety of printer-friendly e-booklets on many different gift planning topics. You'll be proud to present these motivating booklets to prospects and donors. These full-color publications are customized with your color(s), logo and contact information, and can be e-mailed or printed as needed. Find out why gift planners call R&R Newkirk's response booklets “simply the best in the business.”

Titles available:

Maximize Your IRA
Lend Your Support!
The Charitable Gift Annuity
Phenomenal Gifts with Investment Assets
Planning Your Retirement
Trusts for Family and Society
Planning Your Bequests
The Remarkable Unitrust!
Estate Planning for Women
For Today, Tomorrow and Your Family's Future
20 Timely Tips for Retirees
A Matter of Trust
Reduce the Tax Bite on Your Investments
Five Steps toward Financial Security
Insuring a Better Future
Planning for Real Estate Owners
Rewards of Financial Planning
Minimizing Your Income Taxes
Family Focused Estate Planning
Better Living through Charitable Giving
Estate, Tax and Gift Planning for the Doctor
Taming Probate Costs
Keep More of Your Estate
Tips and Traps When Naming Your Beneficiaries
Successful Wills, Successful Lives

(Please note the following titles are available in both electronic and print format)

Personal Affairs Record
This handsome, 24-page booklet is designed for keeping a valuable record of pertinent family, estate and financial information that can be updated regularly. It's a reference guide that can promote goodwill between your charitable institution and prospects, and is an effective tool for the future settling and administering of an estate.

Preparing to Be a Surviving Spouse
Every wife and husband realizes the inevitability that one of them will outlive the other and perhaps spend many years as a widow or widower. Spouses should prepare for life without their marriage partner – to be ready when the time comes not only to handle the details and decisions that follow a spouse’s death but also to deal with financial and practical matters.

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