R&R Newkirk


Brochures and Pamphlets

Customized Planned Gift Brochures

These handsome, full-color, six-panel, trifold brochures cover a broad range of gift planning ideas in clear, motivating language. We’ll custom design for your specifications and create a motivating piece perfect for use:

  • For mass mailings
  • As a “stuffer” for any correspondence that goes out of your office
  • As handouts for visitors and meetings

Current titles include:

  • Bequeath Your Values
  • Your Living Will
  • A Legacy in Trust
  • Gifts of Securities
  • The Gift Annuity
  • Insuring Tomorrow
  • A Special Beneficiary
  • Ideas for Retirement
  • Trusts for Tomorrow
  • IRA Gift Opportunities
  • Bequeath Your Bonds!
  • Your Will to Help
  • Roth IRA Opportunities
  • Update Your Will
  • Deferred Rewards
  • Good for Business
  • Art of Gift Planning
  • Memorial Giving
  • When the Time Comes
  • Planning for Women
  • Your IRA Legacy
  • Remarkable Unitrusts
  • Year-End Alert! Income Taxes Ahead

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